The PolkaEx DAO Ambassador Program Is Launching!
2 min readFeb 11, 2022

There is no doubt that building a great DAO is one of the most important tasks of PolkaEx’s future development. Therefore we are glad to announce The PolkaEx DAO Ambassador Program.

The best ideas always come from the people and early participants play an essential role in every ecosystem, but from our point of view, these ideas as well as our early supporters have received less attention.

The PolkaEx DAO Ambassador Program aims to give talents & our huge fans more power to build a DAO born out of the community and serves the community, that’s to say: by the community, for the community.

By looking for community leaders who are passionate about PolkaEx, we hope a strong DAO can actively create a lot of awareness about PolkaEx or help with product development, to get more people to learn, use our products and finally become part of PolkaEx.

Good changes are coming.

The PolkaEx DAO Ambassador Program will be launched in our community with completely transparent rules, including but not limited to discord and telegram.

Who can become an Ambassador?

  1. Any development engineer or technology enthusiast who puts forward constructive comments about our official website and dapp
  2. Any fun-art creator good at making designs or memes for the PolkaEx DAO
  3. Any key opinion leader who contributes to the promotion of PolkaEx DAO by making videos, comments, articles, etc.
  4. The first 10 users who joined PolkaEx when it started
  5. The top 10 users who have contributed to our TVL

Or you can simply be active in our community by completing monthly tasks and competitions.

We plan to have a group with 200 ambassadors in the early stages. During our previous test campaign, we plan to give out 50 ambassador spots. And another 20 will be based on their eligibility in conditions 4 and 5 above.

For every ambassador, we offer exclusive privileges which include but are not limited to the following list as PolkaEx DAO keeps growing:

1, Priority to join EVERY IDO and a certain amount of allocation is guaranteed

2, Join IDOs/Auctions with PKEX for payment

3, Contribution reward(USDT/USDC/PKEX/ASTR, etc.)

3, NFT airdrop

4, Game ticket

5, Collaborative projects airdrop

6, Resources to support your good ideas

To ensure all the ambassadors are always the most enthusiastic fans of PolkaEx, the team will assess ambassador qualifications regularly to encourage positive community behaviour while reducing corruption.

Apply for being an Ambassador, please join our official discord to check the latest info and requirements.

And the team will also hand the right and responsibility to DAO members step by step in the future after it steps into a more steady stage.



PolkaEx is a cross-chain trade platform based on Polkadot, using Astar Network to provide higher TPS, lower transaction cost.