The PolkaEx Dusty Testnet Campaign has been Launched!

After a successful testnet campaign on Ropsten, an Ethereum testnet, PolkaEx has been launched on Dusty, a testnet of Astar and you can access the testnet DApp at

This campaign will open another opportunity for early supporters to experience how most features of PolkaEx will work on Astar once it hits the mainnet.

There are PolkaEx rewards at stake in this campaign too. Here’s another chance for previous winners to earn more or other community members to earn some free PKEX tokens that will be claimable after launch. And you will have a chance to win a valuable whitelist spot that can directly participate in the IDO of PolkaEx’s Private Pool.

This campaign has been divided into two. You can find the full details and instructions for the campaign below:

DATE: Try out PolkaEx Dusty Testnet between September 4th — September 9th UTC. The campaign lasts 5 days.


This is a Retweet and Follow contest.

  1. Click this link: Twitter links.
  2. Retweet, Like, and tag 5 friends.
  3. Follow @PolkaExOfficial and @Astarnetwork.
  4. Join the official Telegram Group.
  5. Leave your ERC-20 address in the comments section for the whitelist spot draw.


20 random individuals who complete the tasks above will get 60 PKEX tokens each, and 100 random individuals will win a whitelist spot in our early whitelist.


In this Campaign, users must use the PolkaEx Dapp as stated below:

Step 1: Access the DApp deployed by PolkaEx in Dusty(Test network for Astar Network)

Enter the DApp, select the Dusty network, and follow the prompts to add the Dusty network to Metamask(Or you can set up Dusty networks directly in Metamask). The Dusty network requires a low service fee. Therefore, users participating in the campaign need to get PLD tokens through the faucet, and for convenience, we have specially developed a claim page:

Select the Dusty

Step 2:Get PLD tokens on Dusty Network

  1. Enter the faucet, input your ERC-20 address and click the “REQUEST 0.02 PLD” button to get some test PLD tokens.
  2. After a successful claim, you need to make sure your MetaMast has been switched to Dusty in order to see the PLD tokens. Follow this procedure, go to Settings -> Networks ->Dusty inside the “New RPC URL” modified into:
Modified the “New RPC URL”

Step 3: Important Reminder

Add the 4 contract addresses below to your MetaMask in order to view your assets.

test USDC contact address: 0xDF35D4F0c2C5Cc9909f9612108f6cd39Aa57d805
test PKEX contact address: 0x94128Fdd032276F110C4FD791C5AA4922e7a742f
USDC-PKEX LP contact address: 0x7ceE66ebF1275D98a44Eec3724eB8EF5b7753Db1
USDC-PLD LP contact address: 0x2FCd11F037b6Cd7DD2571Da4518ccF681A860dBf


Step 4: Perform the following steps to test the functions of PolkaEx deployed on the Dusty network

  1. Claim USDC at the upper right corner of the Dapp. You can receive 1000 USDC Test Tokens each time and there is no limit on the number of claims; (See “Image: 4–1” below)
  2. Claim PKEX Tokens on the CLAIM in two batches, each with 500 PKEX Tokens;
  3. Swap USDC for PLD and PKEX on the SWAP interface; (See “Image: 4–3” below)
  4. Purchase PKEX tokens on the LAUNCHPAD with USDC;
  5. Add the liquidity of PLD-USDC and PKEX-USDC pools on SWAP to get the PLP Token; (See “Image: 4–5” below)
  6. Stake PLP tokens on FARMS to get PKEX rewards. (See “Image: 4–6” below)
  7. Go to Telegram Group: PolkaEx Testers Group and post your feedback and suggestions, remember to include your ERC-20 address.
Image: 4–1
Image: 4–3
Image: 4–5
Image: 4–6

Note: The Launchpad pool opening hours are as follows:

2021–09–03 9:00:00 & 2021–09–05 8:59:59

2021–09–05 9:00:00 & 2021–09–07 8:59:59

Pool Rules: Each pool contains 400,000 PKEX Test Tokens, priced at 0.35usdc each, with a purchase limit of 350usdc per person and a minimum purchase of 100usdc.


10 individuals who perform the above tasks on the Dusty testnet and offer valuable feedback will be selected for a reward of 300 PKEX each, and 100 individuals will win a whitelist spot in our early whitelist.


- The campaigns are running at the same time and individuals can participate in both.

- Rewards from the campaigns can be claimed on our website 15 days after the PKEX listing scheduled to happen this quarter (Q3).

- Valuable feedbacks are welcome.

We’re very happy to get to this stage and look forward to your participation, feedback, and ideas! Get ready for what comes next!💪💪

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PolkaEx is a cross-chain trade platform based on Polkadot, using Astar Network to provide higher TPS, lower transaction cost.