Dear PolkaEx community and Shibuya testnet campaign participants, we finally have an update with regards to it. We have been overwhelmed by the continuous support in our various campaigns and this was no exception. Thanks to all participants for participating in the Shibuya stress-test campaign and providing a lot of valuable feedback!! One of the most difficult aspects of campaigns with limited rewards is choosing winners but we still found a way through. Attached to this article is a Google sheet containing winning addresses.

  1. Open this sheet(link) in the Google Sheets app or in a browser.
  2. Click the edit button in a browser or the button at the top right corner of the app that’s if you’re using the app.
  3. Click “Find” and enter your wallet address or the last 5–7 values of your wallet address.

If you followed the above steps correctly and your address was included in the list, you will see it get singled out, Congratulations!!

  1. Make sure your address is in the winner list.
  2. Open this form(link).
  3. Paste the correct ERC- 20 address in the first field for verification.
  4. Paste your SDN address in the second field and Submit.

If you do not know how to get an SDN address, follow this tutorial(link). Remember that if you input an ERC-20 address that isn’t on the winning list, you can’t submit your SDN address.

NOTE: Owners of the first 10 addresses will get 50 SDN each and owners of the remaining 100 will get 10 SDN each as was already stated. Please make sure to fill out the form within 7 days, any delay will automatically disqualify you from receiving the award. PolkaEx team will transfer the SDN reward to your address within 48 hours.

Make sure to -

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