Dear PolkaExians, today is a very monumental day for PolkaEx as we are so excited to announce PolkaEx is finally live on Shiden Network!! Shiden Network serves as a compelling alternative to reduce and completely get rid of the obstacles posed by the huge gas fees on Ethereum.

The functions that have been activated on mainnet include our Swap (Decentralized Exchange), Farms, Pools, and our LaunchPad. Users on the Shiden Network can make seamless, quick, and low fee swaps. PolkaEx team is working around the clock to launch the next round of farming and bring more projects to join our pools section. The LaunchPad will work with the previously announced tier system and the team is ironing out the codes to make sure it’s in perfect shape as we prepare to bring more projects to the LaunchPad.

Launching on Shiden Network is an extremely important milestone in our quest to be the first project combining a Swap service and LaunchPad on Shiden Network, a parachain of the Kusama network and the canary network of Astar. This is a major step towards our cross-chain future.

PolkaEx team together with Shiden and Astar Network team will be providing initial liquidity to the following pairs: PKEX - SDN, SDN - JPYC. In order to facilitate trading, the PolkaEx team will be launching various liquidity mining campaigns to boost and improve liquidity on the PolkaEx DApp but until then we encourage our community members to provide liquidity and also earn from the 0.25% of trading fees that go to liquidity providers.

Fast, efficient and low fee swaps on Shiden Network.

You can add and remove liquidity from any trading pair without incurring huge gas fees. If you add Liquidity to multiple trading pairs, you can click on “View Your Liquidity Positions” to see the details.

The LP tokens received from adding liquidity can be used in our Farms and Farming with the allowed LP tokens will earn you PKEX rewards. Farms currently has 5 pools: PKEX - USDC LP, PKEX - SDN LP, SDN - JPYC LP, PKEX - ETH LP, and PKEX - BNB LP. The total PKEX rewards for each pool is different, the earlier you join, the more rewards you get! Note: You can Unstake at anytime and there is no lock period.

In response to a number of user requests, we have opened Pools, which allows users to earn PKEX by staking PKEX without providing liquidity. Pools allows you to stake PKEX and unstake PKEX without any restrictions. The staking Pool for IDOs will be live soon, till then, enjoy!

This is the Shiden version of the new Launchpad platform, let’s look forward to the next IDO project on Shiden Network, it will be on the scene soon. Note that the Tier System will apply to the next IDO project.

About PolkaEx

PolkaEx is a pioneering cross-chain liquidity integration platform powered by Polkadot. Our team is aiming at a top-notched decentralized exchange that doesn’t only provide higher TPS, lower transaction cost and smooth trading but also a launchpad and other innovative features that will make PolkaEx a one-stop Defi platform.

PolkaEx is a cross-chain trade platform based on Polkadot, using Astar Network to provide higher TPS, lower transaction cost.