PolkaEx cooperates with JPYC to launch the USDC-JPYC LP with farming live now!!!

Today, we are excited to announce our partnership with JPYC, a stablecoin pegged to Yen. In addition, we have launched the USDC-JPYC LP farming pool at 12:00 on November 9 UTC!!

By staking SDN-JPYC and USDC-JPYC LP tokens, liquidity providers earn yield by receiving $PKEX tokens as rewards.

  • APR/APY: Dynamic.
  • $PKEX Reward: 10,000 PKEX per month for each pool.
  • NO Lock-up period and no minimum time to stake: You can withdraw your LP tokens and reward at any time.

About JPYC

JPYC, a stablecoin pegged to the Yen, is a necessary partner in the Shiden Network ecosystem. It is a Prepaid Payment Instrument and basically 1 JPYC is equal to 1 Yen. JPYC is a mintable ERC20 token that operates in the mainnet of Ethereum, Polygon, xDai, Shiden Network.

More detail: JPYCoin (JPYC) WhitePaper, JYPC Apps.

About PolkaEx

PolkaEx is a cross-chain DeFi suite consisting of a Decentralized Exchange, a Launchpad, Liquidity mining, and NFT usecases. Our main chain of focus is Astar and by combining a Launchpad with a Decentralized exchange we believe this can open the door for legitimate projects seeking to raise funds and list on a Decentralized exchange on Shiden to do so in a decentralized, low fee and developer-friendly environment. Our Launchpad is live on both Ethereum and Shiden Network.

Our Dex has also been launched on Shiden Network with Staking and Liquidity mining. Shiden Network provides PolkaEx and the DeFi community as a whole a Layer 2 scaling solution which is beneficial in terms of transaction fees and speed. To summarize, while we make it possible for community members and investors to invest in early ideas and projects, we provide projects with a Decentralized exchange to list their tokens on Shiden Network.

PolkaEx is a cross-chain trade platform based on Polkadot, using Astar Network to provide higher TPS, lower transaction cost.