POLKAEX BI-WEEKLY REPORT (Nov 21 — Dec 4, 2021)


  • PolkaEx is live on BSC.
  • PolkaEx is live on Polygon(Matic).
  • Opened a new pool for staking $PKEX to earn $BUSD.
  • Partnership with Blockpad.
  • A total of 2.5 million $PKEX has been staked in PolkaEx’s pool.


  1. PolkaEx is live on BSC and opened a new pool for staking $PKEX to earn $BUSD;
  2. PolkaEx is live on Polygon(Matic) to empower more Polygon projects;
  3. Create ‘theGraph’ node on Shiden Network to synchronize data and provide data for Info page;
  4. Optimize the Tier System, to support multi-chain sharing of staked levels of data;
  5. Optimize Pools reward lockup periods, including support for automatic unlocking when Pools end.


  1. Interfacing with DeFiLlama is underway and will go live next week;
  2. Publish a sponsored article on a top media platform which will be published next week;
  3. Explore potential cooperation opportunities with other blockchain projects and look for high-quality IDO projects providers dedicated to launching on PolkaEx Launchpad.


We entered a partnership with Blockpad, we will collaborate and help upcoming and new projects raise funds and utilize various tools at our disposal to help expand the web 3.0 ecosystem as a whole.

As a one-stop DEX, we aspire to bring promising IDO projects to our users, and we are currently in talks with 3 project parties to bring good investment projects to our users as soon as possible.


  1. Create new Farms pools and Staking pools;
  2. Add Info features;
  3. Stay tuned for more updates.

About PolkaEx

PolkaEx is a cross-chain DeFi suite consisting of a Decentralized Exchange, a Launchpad, Liquidity mining, and NFT usecases. Our main chain of focus is Astar and by combining a Launchpad with a Decentralized exchange we believe this can open the door for legitimate projects seeking to raise funds and list on a Decentralized exchange on Shiden to do so in a decentralized, low fee and developer-friendly environment. Our Launchpad is live on both Ethereum and Shiden Network.

Our Dex was launched on Shiden Network with Staking and Liquidity mining. Shiden Network provides PolkaEx and the DeFi community with a whole Layer 2 scaling solution designed to benefit the user with a low transaction fee and fast speed. To sum up, while we make it possible for community members and investors to invest in early ideas and projects, we provide projects with a decentralized exchange to list their tokens on Shiden Network.



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PolkaEx is a cross-chain trade platform based on Polkadot, using Astar Network to provide higher TPS, lower transaction cost.