• Notable launched IDO on PolkaEx.
  • Opened the IDO staking pool.
  • $USDC/$BUSD, $USDT/$BUSD LP farming went live.
  • $PKEX /$BUSD LP farming went live.
  • A total of 3.288 million $PKEX has been staked in PolkaEx’s pool.


  1. Open a new round of Farms and Pools;
  2. Launchpad launched new IDO project and optimized Tier system;
  3. Support for multi-chain staking and multi-chain statistics (in progress);
  4. Research the Auction feature, which will be integrated with PolkaEx(in progress).


  1. PolkaEx & Notable co-hosted a live AMA in our official Telegram group.
  2. In order to reach a wider userbase, we are committed to market expansion and are negotiating with a number of promotional outlets.
  3. Keep Exploring potential cooperation opportunities with other blockchain projects and look for high-quality IDO projects dedicated to launching on PolkaEx Launchpad.


  1. Partnership with Notable.
  2. Notable launched IDO on December 11th, 2021, and successfully sold out 2,500,000NBL.

3. MetaWaferse will launch IDO on December 21st, 2021 and is expected to sell 6,250,000WAFERSE.


  1. PolkaEx & MetaWaferse will co-host a live AMA in the official Telegram group;
  2. Proceed with MetaWaferse IDO, and plans to launch other high-quality IDO projects;
  3. Begin the development of decentralized Auction feature;
  4. Continue our research on Astar Network on Polkadot and deploy PolkaEx on Astar as soon as possible;
  5. Stay tuned for more exciting updates.


PolkaEx is a cross-chain DeFi suite consisting of a Decentralized Exchange, a Launchpad, Liquidity mining, and NFT usecases. Our main chain of focus is Astar and by combining a Launchpad with a Decentralized exchange we believe this can open the door for legitimate projects seeking to raise funds and list on a Decentralized exchange on Shiden to do so in a decentralized, low fee and developer-friendly environment. Our Launchpad is live on Shiden Network, Ethereum, BSC and Polygon.

Our Dex was launched on Shiden Network with Staking and Liquidity mining. Shiden Network provides PolkaEx and the DeFi community with a whole Layer 2 scaling solution designed to benefit the user with a low transaction fee and fast speed. To sum up, while we make it possible for community members and investors to invest in early ideas and projects, we provide projects with a decentralized exchange to list their tokens on Shiden Network.



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