Meme Competition Results Announcement

We want to thank you for all the exceptional and funniest of memes so far. You made us laugh, we laughed so hard and we believe most of you did too. We wanted simple memes but you overly delivered and we couldn’t be happier with the results which made it too difficult for us to select winners since we believe you all deserved to win. Let’s feast our eyes on it first!👇👇👇

As you already know, we started the meme competition with the sole aim of letting the community choose the winners, but your overwhelming participation resulted in us having to create a poll for the community to decide the best way forward, which resulted in the majority of you voting on behalf of the team choosing winners.

Based on this, the team went through the compiled memes and chose the funniest among all funny ones and the best among all the best. We must say, this wasn’t easy and it’s one of the hardest things we’ve had to do so far.

The creators of the first 15 winning memes will be added to the whitelist and will be allowed to contribute to the upcoming PKEX IDO on the PolkaEx launchpad and the next 15 will receive 60 PKEX tokens each when it launches. In case you won a whitelist spot in this competition but are already in the early whitelist and would like to change it to receive tokens instead, you can get in touch with an admin on telegram to get this sorted out.

Now, the following are the 30 winners chosen by PolkaEx team:

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  1. @ShaYoBebop---------------Meme
  2. @JayakarKarthick----------Meme
  3. @AatSuhendra--------------Meme(video)
  4. @brad50676516------------Meme
  5. @Vittal_Giri------------------Meme
  6. @Air_Might------------------Meme
  7. @alhadisiroj-----------------Meme
  8. @vincevangoat1-----------Meme
  9. @LofiCrypto-----------------Meme
  10. @GemHunt01538246----Meme
  11. @Carmila_Syakib---------Meme(video)
  12. @marekfilipe---------------Meme
  13. @achu321654-------------Meme
  14. @KSerbesti-----------------Meme
  15. @SebastianoSasso-------Meme
  16. @Ashwath39268064---Meme
  17. @JuliusJoy16-------------Meme(video)
  18. @bumbblebee5360-----Meme
  19. @YadhuKr88660816---Meme
  20. @jodyydstr----------------Meme(video)
  21. @Crismaniac7------------Meme
  22. @Xiomicreamku---------Meme
  23. @Nachinavas-------------Meme, Meme
  24. @21Muino-----------------Meme
  25. @beauty39248308------Meme
  26. @SaheerA44821736----Meme
  27. @ricchard779-------------Meme, Meme
  28. @HauwSei-----------------Meme(video)
  29. @Monuttan20------------Meme
  30. @CryptoM2301----------Meme(video)

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