Announcement: PolkaEx is partnering with Shiden Network to launch a stress test campaign on Shibuya with 1,500 SDN in rewards!

During and After the just ended Dusty Testnet Campaign, we received a lot of valuable feedback to help optimize and iterate PolkaEx. This is awesome and thanks to you all for your efforts!!

Introduction to Shibuya Testnet

Launching a stress-test campaign on Shibuya

Campaign details


Steps of Participation

Select ‘Shibuya’
Modified the “New RPC URL”
Add PKEX to Metamask
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Image: 4–3
Image: 4–5
Image: 4–6

Make sure to -

PolkaEx is a cross-chain trade platform based on Polkadot, using Astar Network to provide higher TPS, lower transaction cost.