Announcement: PolkaEx is partnering with Shiden Network to launch a stress test campaign on Shibuya with 1,500 SDN in rewards!

During and After the just ended Dusty Testnet Campaign, we received a lot of valuable feedback to help optimize and iterate PolkaEx. This is awesome and thanks to you all for your efforts!!

Introduction to Shibuya Testnet

Launching a stress-test campaign on Shibuya

Campaign details


Steps of Participation

  1. Click this link: Twitter links.
  2. Retweet, Like, and tag 3 friends.
  3. Follow @PolkaExOfficial and @ShidenNetwork.
  4. Join the official PolkaEx Telegram Group and Astar Network Telegram Group.
Select ‘Shibuya’
  1. Enter the faucet, input your ERC-20 address and click the “REQUEST 1 SBY” button to get 1 SBY token.
  2. After a successful claim, you need to make sure your Metamask has been switched to Shibuya in order to see the SBY tokens. Follow this procedure, go to Settings -> Networks ->Shibuya inside the “New RPC URL” modified into:
Modified the “New RPC URL”
Add PKEX to Metamask
  1. Claim USDC at the upper right corner of the Dapp. You can receive 2000 USDC Test Tokens each time and there is no limit on the number of claims; (See “Image: 4–1” below)
  2. Claim PKEX Tokens by clicking the CLAIM button in two batches, each claim gives 500 PKEX tokens;
  3. Swap USDC for SBY and PKEX on the SWAP interface; (See “Image: 4–3” below)
  4. Purchase PKEX tokens on the LAUNCHPAD with USDC;
  5. Add the liquidity of SBY-USDC and PKEX-USDC pools on SWAP to get the PLP Token; (See “Image: 4–5” below)
  6. Stake PLP tokens on FARMS to get PKEX rewards. (See “Image: 4–6” below)
  7. Go to Telegram Group: PolkaEx Testers Group and post your feedback and suggestions(Better have pictures).
Image: 4–1
Image: 4–3
Image: 4–5
Image: 4–6

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PolkaEx is a cross-chain trade platform based on Polkadot, using Astar Network to provide higher TPS, lower transaction cost.